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WATER Features:

There is no better way to add life to your landscape than to build a waterfall. Everyday you can escape the rat race to your own relaxing haven! Waterfalls automatically become the focal point of any landscape, there is nothing else that will catch your attention as much as a well built waterfall. The scenery and serenity of the natural sounds of flowing water cascading over the falls, the koi swimming about while your kids throw them fish-food, the night scene coming to life with pond and waterfall lights; these are all scenes that you can expect to welcome with you new water feature. Call Jake today, arrange a personal visit, and have your site assed for the most fitting design idea for your lifestyle, ideal placement of the feature, and pricing information.

Although there are endless design possibilities and variations of each, Jake's Landscape and Water Feature builds general two general types of water features, the Pond with Waterfall, and the Pondless Waterfall

Pond with Waterfall:

In these self contained, recirculating features, the water is collected by an electric pump in a housing called the "skimmer" which skims the pond surface of basic physical debris that falls into the pond such as leaves, sticks and twigs, so as to prevent them from decomposing in the pond and causing algae problems. The water than gets pumped underground to the "Biofalls Module" at the top which contains filter media for the purposes of growing live bacteria to keep algae down as well as physically catching the finer debris being circulated with a filter. These are great features because they allow you to create your own eco system of plants and fish which, when properly balanced, becomes a scene vivid with life. These features can be installed with automatically activated waterfalls spillway lights or submersible pond spotlights for ambient night lighting, fish caves(gives koi a place to hide from predators), water plant pockets and many more options/variations. 

Pondless Waterfall:

These features work similar to the Pond with Waterfall, except in these features, the electric pump resides in an access housing called the "Snorkel" which is typically buried under the rock at the bottom of the waterfall. This creates the illusion that the water is simply disappearing into the ground. You can walk right over the bottom of the falls. These Features are for the waterfall lovers who don't necessarily care for having/collecting fish, can't have liability of small children or toddlers falling into the pond, or want to keep maintenance to a near nil.

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We Design and install premium quality Water Features without premium prices. Call today for a free design consultation and for pricing information.

All falls are built using quality hardware including high efficiency specially designed waterfall pumps.

Jake has been trained by Aquascape trainers and regularly attends their installations programs.


Please contact Jake Van Egmond either by phone or email at:

604-845-3355 (Business Cell) CWK


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