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Retaining Walls:

Jakes is a certified level 1 and 2 Allan Block Wall Installer, and is a CSRW(Certified Segmental Wall installer by the NCMA(National Concrete and Masonry Association) Jakes builds beautifully solid retaining walls in both mortar-less block retaining wall systems(Allan block and otherwise) and timber. Sites are lasered during the initial visit and all structural and drainage considerations are carefully planned and prepared for. The walls are carefully built to the finest aesthetic detail, while meeting all manufacturer installation specs. We can incorporate stairs into your wall, and make the wall do whatever it is you want it to do. Technology has come a long way and as a result these walls are well built to last a long time, much longer than the old concrete "poured in place" walls that you see around older houses. Count on us to help you design and build your retaining wall project properly and beautifully to maximize the functionality and attractiveness of your sloped landscape.

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