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Interlocking Cocrete Pavers:

Jakes landscaping is an ICPI trained and certified installer, and is also an approved Aquapave Installer. We install Interlocking Concrete Pavers to strict Industry/Manufacturer specifications to ensure your patio stands the test of time, unlike some you may have seen around town. We take all steps to minimize settling after installation. Paver Patios/Driveways/Walkways are a great alternative to poured and/or stamped concrete because they can handle slight movements in the ground over time without cracking, while still giving the feel of a concrete walk, and comming in competively priced while looking great! We also install permeable pavers (aka. "Aquapavers")that do not require drainage angles, and can incorporate underground drainage solutions. Jakes Landscaping can take your project on from the intial design to the final cleanup. With our full line of equipment including a Bobcat, and a variety of compaction equipment so that we have you covered from the initial excavation right to the final cleanup!

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There are so many styles available, many themselves with different patterns to choose from, hopefully the portfolio gives you some ideas! We can help you design something that looks and functions great!!


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Water Features   Retaining Walls  Landscape Stairs    Cedar Fencing   Trellis/Arbours