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Cedar Fencing:

These days, most of us don't have the luxury of miles of bare land between neighbours, in most newer areas, most of us dont even have 12 feet! And as much as we love our neighbours, we also love our mutual and shared privacy,  so we can in a sense disappear in our own backyards. That's why many neighbours split the cost of my fence installations.

Jake's builds fences using pre-fabricated cedar fence panels and materials, and can also build custom fences on site. All materials used are of good grade and quality. Every post gets a good chunk of cement so that you dont have to worry about those nasty windstorms we've come to expect every fall/winter here. Talk to Jake about what kind of custom gates, arbours, and trellises can be integrated into your fence. Overhead Arbors are a great way of permenantly eliminating the possibility of "gate sag". We can also build double gates for cars/boats Etc. All Panels installed using screws, not nails, toallow temporary removal for access when needed.

Jakes offers great quality fences at fair prices, call now for your price quotation!!(and remember to talk to your neighbour about their half!!)

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Please contact Jake Van Egmond either by phone or email at:

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Water Features   Interlocking Pavers   Retaining Walls  Landscape Stairs    Trellis/Arbours