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About us:


who are we?

Jake's Landscaping is a Chilliwack based Licensed and Insured Landscape contractor business serving mainly in Chilliwack and Abbotsford by specializing in landscape design and build services. The business is owned by Jake Van Egmond, who has been landscaping since his early childhood.

what do we do?

Jake's Landscaping offers a variety of Landscape Installation services, but mainly specializes in Hardscape Design and Installation, as well as Water Feature design and Installation.

      What is "Hardscape"? Hardscape(or Hardscaping) is a combination of the words "Hard" and "Landscape". It includes Concrete Paver driveways, walkways, sidewalks, roads, stairs, pathways etc. It also includes Segmental Retaining walls, which are mortarless landscape walls with built in drainage systems built either to manage slopes, raise or lower an area for a certain function, or just to sharpen up the image of a sloped area. Retaining walls can be as small as a garden accent border, or 10 feet tall and all the way around the back of your property. There are endless design possibilities in Hardscaping, and you would be amazed by the variety of products and colours that are available in this area.

    What is a "Water Feature" A Water Feature can be a small or large pond, which may or may not have a waterfall or stream running into it, or conversely, it can be a small or large waterfall or stream, which may or may not have a pond at the bottom. A waterfall without a pond is a "pondless waterfall" Water features are always a beautiful addition to a landscape, and add the tranquil sound of moving water. These water features often include night lighting, and can be designed for fish as well. Please check out the portfolio to see the water features we have desinged and built. There are endless possibilities with Water Features as well.



We are Level 2 Certified Allan Block Installers, Certified ICPI Installers(Interlocking Concrete Pavement Insitute), we are Certified Segmental Retaining Wall(SRW) Installers, and we are approved Aquapave Permeable On-Site Source Control System Installers by Abbotsford Concrete. What does all that mean? It means that along with the extensive amount of experience we bring to the table, we have also been educated and certified  by all relevant and respected industry authorities, and are trained on the theory, practices, and proper installation techniques. This brings Value and Quality to your work.

how much work have we done?

Owner, Jake Van Egmond, has involved in many aspects of landscaping since his early childhood. He is directly involved in and works on every project along with the crew so you dont have to gamble on whether or not you are getting the "good crew" from a large company. We have been in serving Chilliwack and Abbotsford for over 5 years, and we have an extensive Portfolio of completed projects. We encourage you to look around our website to get a feel for the quality and style you can expect, and to get an idea of the variety of projects we have taken on. Over the years we have made a point of revisiting our clients and their sites, and because of that we can assure you that you're getting a lasting product.


You bet. We are bobcat equipped, and have a full line of compaction equipment and concrete cutting equipment. Good equipment is key to proper installation.

Are we licensed and insured?

Jake's Landscaping carries valid Business Licenses in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and Kent. We carry a Commercial Liability Insurance Policy, and our workers are fully covered by Worksafe BC  for injury on the job. We are happy to provide proof of any of these on request.

What are your rates?

We do not charge from the intial meeting to the Quote. All jobs are quoted individually and there is no "per square foot" rate, as in the lower mainland every single job is different, requiring different considerations from limitied machine access to ground/soil conditions. We typically do not come in at the bottom of the spectrum for cost as we definately do not come in at the bottom of the spectrum for quality of service/product.


sounds good, where do I start?

Great Question! Give us a call, and arrange for an estimate. Jake will visit your home/site, and discuss what you have in mind. He will advise you on what can be done, and offer ideas and suggestions as well. Your site will be measured up, heights will be lasered off, and you will be provided with a clearly written point form quote, as well as a basic drawing of the layout of the project. Once you decide to proceed, a deposit may be required for scheduling based on the size of the project, and you will be given an approximate start time for the project, and placed in sequence order. Your project will be started after the last project that was confirmed is completed. You will be contacted when we are nearing start date. There is no charge for the quoting process.

I want you to start yesterday! Can you start tomorrow?

Sorry but no. Maybe next week, but Probably not. Jobs are done in sequence based on the time of confirming the project. Its a great idea to try to schedule in advance.

What time of year do we do the work?

As you well know from living in the Fraser Valley, weather is a different story from year to year. We work as long as the weather allows us to. Everybody likes the early spring and early fall, and the hot summers are great for hardscaping, but a lot of our work can be done year round, depending on the type of work and the weather/access situation. The only time of year you can count on us not doing much of anything is when its below zero and the ground is frozen. Give us a call and we can advise you on starting your project.

you said you also offer a variety of other landscape installation services, what are they??

Although We specialize in Hardscapes and Water Features, our experience in Construction and Landscaping as well as the equipment we have allows us to serve you in other ways as well. This gives our services a little more punch, as we easily have the ability to fully landscape your property as well as design and build your Hardscaping and/or Water Features. You can, for one example have just one contractor grade your property, tier your slopes with curving retaining walls, build a concrete paver driveway with a stairway to your entrance, put up a cedar privacy fence, bring in topsoil and turf your lawn, and plant a desirable selection of plants, shrubs and trees. Our regular clients will often hire us for such a group of tasks at once as it is easier to organize and we are easy to work with. We do not offer a service unless we have done it many times before and can show you that in our portfolio. All services are high quality professional level services.

- Water Feature design/build services(ponds, waterfalls etc.)
- Retaining Walls(Landscape tie/Timber/Allan Block etc.)
- Patios/Walkways(Interlocking Concrete Pavers)
- Bobcat/Excavation/Dump Truck Services
- Turf Installation
- Cedar Hedging
- Prefabricated Cedar Panel Fencing Installation
- Custom Woodwork(Arbor/Trellis)
- Bobcat Snow Removal

Please see our Portfolio

We do not offer Landscape maintenance services. We do not enter Bobcat Snow Removal contracts in advance due to a single dedicated contract. We may be available however, and can be contacted during a snow event to check for availability if you don't have other arrangements in advance.


To book your project or if you have any questions, please contact Jake. Again, its safest to call in advance as jobs are done in priority sequence.


Make sure to check out the Resources page for helpful info on care for you landscape project as well as maintenance tips.